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Social Sustainability Analysis



Social sustainability is gaining attention as a global challenge. Issues of social sustainability present either the opportunity for businesses to establish progressive leadership on important social issues or face significant reputational risks from a failure to do so. In this Project, we developed a strategic approach for Zespri to address the challenges of social sustainability assessment and reporting. We used a materiality analysis approach, a method for identifying high priority issues and strategic considerations, to identify principles to guide the development of an enhanced social sustainability program. Important social issues for Zespri to focus on were identified as well as indicators which align with these and a pathway to improved social sustainability performance for Zespri. Based on the analysis we then combined a range of different approaches to sustainability assessment and reporting, to arrive at a blended approach to address social sustainability issues in a strategic, yet focused manner. This project help provide Zespri clarity around which social sustainability issues to address and as well as providing clear strategic direction for how the issues can be addressed.

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