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The AgriBusiness Group’s consultants have a long history of involvement with research typically through facilitating stakeholder input, undertaking monitoring and the extension of results. By itself, as well as through the Agricultural Research Group on Sustainability (ARGOS) collaboration, we have a leading role in facilitating research into innovation to improve the performance, sustainability and resilience of New Zealand primary production systems.




Developed over years of extensive research, in partnership with large scale corporations and small innovative producers, the SOTA approach provides a rapid and cost-effective solution to improving sustainable development. SOTA offers insights on high-interest sustainability issues and aligns a business’s priorities and performance against those issues.

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The NZ Sustainability Dashboard

The New Zealand Sustainability Dashboard facilitates unified monitoring and learning for sustainable agriculture in New Zealand and aims to enhance sustainability assessment and reporting in response to increasing market, business and regulatory drivers and requirements.


SWNZ Scorecard review - Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand

The AgriBusiness Group are currently working with New Zealand Winegrowers to update the Sustainable Wine New Zealand (SWNZ) scorecard.


Social Sustainability Analysis - Zespri

The AgriBusiness Group developed a strategic approach for Zespri to address the challenges of social sustainability assessment and reporting.


Cost Benefit Analysis – Pūhoro STEM Academy

The AgriBusiness Group conducted two formal Cost Benefit Analyses (CBA) using the New Zealand Treasury’s CBAx model to investigate the potential economic benefit of the Academy’s STEM Programme. The analysis revealed a possible return on investment of approximately 10:1.


Market Valuation – New Zealand Medical Cannabis Market

The AgriBusiness Group applied robust economic analysis to value the New Zealand medical cannabis market. The results suggest that there is the potential for a significant medical cannabis market to develop in New Zealand.


Network Mapping – Visualising Ngāi Tahu Survey Results

The AgriBusiness Group developed interactive network maps to visualise the results of an internal Ngāi Tahu survey.


Economic Analysis - Predicting Māori home ownership

The AgriBusiness Group analysed a range of variables that determine their affect on Māori home ownership, and found five variables to be highly significant.


Current Research Projects