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Comprehensive Environmental Support

Southern Pastures Limited


Southern Pastures is New Zealand’s largest institutional dairy fund in New Zealand, focusing on utilising grass-fed dairy farm systems.

Southern Pastures place a strong emphasis on long-term environmental stewardship and strive to be best practice industry leaders for sustainable dairy farming.

The AgriBusiness Group provides inclusive environmental support for the 20 dairy farms owned by Southern Pastures, in Canterbury and Waikato regions. This includes:

  • Development and implementation of Farm Environment Plans which are unique to each farm; an evolving, ‘living’ document aimed to continually improve farm practices

  • Support for preparing for their Farm Environment Plan audits

  • Creation and reporting of accurate Overseer nutrient budgets to meet regulatory requirements and valuation needs

  • Reporting the improvement in environmental performance for each farm and across the whole Southern Pastures enterprise

  • Change in nutrient losses and GHG emissions

  • The environmental impact of production (kgN/kgMS)

  • Strategic analysis – focusing on long-term business and environmental goals, within the regulatory requirements

  • The impact on proposed farm management (e.g. forage crop grown, reducing N fertiliser inputs) on the environment

  • Optimisation of farm systems

  • Support of resource consent applications

  • Due diligence on farm sale or purchase

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