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Collaborative Environmental Support

Amuri Irrigation Scheme


The AgriBusiness Group supports Amuri Irrigation Company Limited (AIC) in the implementation of farm environment plans (FEP) and the auditing of these plans with our ECan certified auditors, in a way that helps farmers to optimise their systems as well as meet the regulatory framework. Our consultants use OverseerFM to help famers understand the nutrient flows in their business with a goal to increase nutrient efficiency. 

AIC currently irrigates 22,175 hectares of land within the Waiau and Hurunui catchments. The original irrigation schemes (Waiau, Balmoral and Waiareka) all fall within the Amuri Basin and are operated by AIC. 

AIC strives to be a trusted and progressive irrigation company, efficiently and sustainably supplying reliable water. Their vision is one of commitment to sustainable, modern productive agriculture that seeks continuous improvement in its economic productivity; efficiently uses natural resources with a high standard of environmental care; and remains a major contributor to the general prosperity and wellbeing of the Amuri area. 

This aligns well with our mandate of working with clients to develop sustainable and resilient businesses that fulfil the development needs of people, organisations and businesses involved in rural industries.

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