Resource Efficient Accredited Dairy (READY)

Scoping of business and delivery models carried out for DairyNZ and Fonterra.


The goal for this project was to provide the information so that an informed decision could be made on the selection of the most appropriate strategy for the dairy industry to be able to respond the drivers for industry-wide environmental outcomes.

Description of the project

The methodology for this project was to first carry out analysis of the current situation of the drivers and then detailed analysis of the scope of the options. This included analysis of efficiency options, delivery framework options, business models and RMA compliance issues. These three streams of work were then brought into an evaluation framework that formed a view of the preferred option and structure for READY.

This preferred option was then considered from a business case point of view for ease of presentation. Much of this work and consideration of the preferred option was based on the consultants understanding of the current state of play in the industry and the state of the pressures from the drivers for the READY concept. This understanding was based on a review of the existing situation but includes extensive understanding of what approaches have been successful in New Zealand primary industries and internationally in the past.

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Published on Monday, October 20th, 2014, under Consultancy, Latest Projects

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