Potential for Diversification of Rural Production in Canterbury

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Project carried out for the Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC): this project incorporated elements of strategic analysis and agribusiness development.

Description of Project

This project investigated the feasibility of options for diversification of rural land use in the Canterbury Region. It was designed to answer the flowing questions:

  • Is it likely that there is a compelling business case for the alternative products?
  • Is there a high likelihood of providing a commercial return on investment (particularly for products requiring irrigation)?

The AgriBusiness group first of all used their extensive networks to create a list of the potential land uses. They were all screened against a framework developed for the purpose which included market trends and issues and the strategic potential and viability. Then six prime examples were examined in more detail and the issues that are required to be addressed before they can become established were identified.

Key Contact

Stuart Ford

Published on Monday, October 20th, 2014, under Consultancy, Latest Projects

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