New Zealand Peru Dairy Support Project


The New Zealand Peru Dairy Support Project is a joint New Zealand / Peruvian Government development initiative, with funding from the New Zealand Aid Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru (MINAGRI). The AgriBusiness Group managed the Design of this Project in 2015 and commenced implementation in October 2016.

Description of the project

The goal of the New Zealand Peru Dairy Support Project is to increase the productivity and incomes of small to medium scale dairy farmers in the Cusco, Puno and Cajamarca Departments of the Peruvian Sierra, through the adoption of improved milk and cheese production, handling and processing practices, supported by more effective research and extension systems and working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru (MINAGRI) and other relevant Peruvian implementing partners and stakeholders.

Given the scale of the project area (three regions, 4.2 million population and 720 farms) the overall strategy is to leverage the large investments already being made by the Government of Peru at national and regional levels to develop dairy production in the Sierra.  This will be achieved through exposure to relevant New Zealand technologies and systems that will improve on-farm productivity, milk quality, and research and extension delivery with emphasis on developing user-centred approaches.

The long term outcome is increased net incomes of small to medium scale dairy farmers and cheese processers in the Peruvian Sierra.  Corresponding medium term outcomes are improved dairy farm productivity beyond the pilot sites (though introduction of improved animal husbandry and whole farm management systems); and improved assurance practices of dairy farmers (with particular emphasis on milk harvest and post-harvest handling of raw milk), and cheese manufacturing processes, beyond the pilot sites.

Improving on farm productivity is a key driver for improving profitability; improving milk and cheese quality is a key driver for ensuring continued/improved access to markets, and for improving product prices.  Short-term outcomes are solidly focused on the successful establishment of the pilots, whereby pilot project dairy farmers, cheese processers and suppliers will demonstrate best practice for dairy husbandry and product quality.  Both short and medium term outcomes will be assisted by improved capacity from research and extension providers to support inclusive dairy industry growth.

High level planning

Design: July 2015 – December 2015

Implementation: October 2016 – September 2020

Partners and key personnel

  • Project Coordinator, based in Peru – Dr Cesar Pinares Patino
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru (MINAGRI)
  • MINAGRI Agencies – AGRO Rural, AGROIDEA and the National Agricultural Innovation Institute (INIA)
  • New Zealand contributions to the project are through a Consortia of organisations whose members are – AgResearch Ltd, Quality Consultants NZ Ltd (QCONZ), PGG Wrightson Seeds Ltd. Other individuals and companies will also be supporting the project as required including the NZ Cheese School.

The AgriBusiness Group’s role and contact

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