Colombia Dairy Value Chain Project


colombia-logo-lscape-resizedThe AgriBusiness Group,  as a leader of a Consortiamade up of AgResearch, PGG Wrightson and Quality Consultants of New Zealand (QCONZ) has been
engaged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the New Zealand Aid Programme to implement the Colombia Dairy Value Chain Project.

This is a joint New Zealand Aid Programme / Colombian Government development initiative.

Description of the project

The goal of this four year project is to support Colombia to develop a profitable and competitive dairy farming sector (high tropical zone) through widespread adoption of integrated management systems, developed and adapted from New Zealand and Colombia dairy experience and validated under Colombian conditions. The project is primarily focused on Colombia’s small and medium scale farmers in three regions of the Colombian high altitude tropical zone (Nariño, Boyaca and Cundinamarca) which share a similar pasture based dairying system to New Zealand.

The Project was developed and is being implemented in collaboration with Colombian Partners, in particular, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the main Colombian research agency Corpoica.

The New Zealand investment in the project will be approximately NZ $4 million supplemented by the Colombian contribution of about NZ $1 million.

Expected outcomes of the project are higher incomes and productivity for small and medium producers of milk.

High level planning

Project term: April 2015 to July 2019.

Partners and Key Personnel

  • Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural (MADR)
  • Corporacion Colombiana de Investigacion Agropecuaria (Corpoica)
  • With Consortia members AgResearch Ltd, Quality Consultants NZ Ltd (QCONZ) PGG Wrightson Seeds Ltd and other sub contractors

The AgriBusiness Group’s role and contact

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