The AgriBusiness Group’s consultants have had a long history of involvement with research typically through facilitating stakeholder input, undertaking monitoring and the extension of results. By itself, as well as through the Agricultural Research Group on Sustainability (ARGOS) collaboration, the company has had a leading role in facilitating research into innovation to improve the performance, sustainability and resilience of New Zealand primary production systems.

Sustainable nutrient management for kiwifruit

Context Declining freshwater quality and availability are major concerns globally, nationally and locally. To address this in New Zealand, regional councils must implement freshwater management plans by 2025, and they will be directed under the National Objectives Framework (NOF) of the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management (NPS-FM). Currently, stakeholder community groups (SCGs) in each […]

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The New Zealand Sustainability Dashboard

In partnership with the country’s agricultural industry sectors, the New Zealand Sustainability Dashboard project will build online user-friendly tools for sustainability assessment and reporting.

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Evaluating Intensification Trajectories in the Context of Climate Change

This project is funded by the Ministry for Primary Industry (MPI) through there SLMACC research programme which aims to help agriculture and forestry sectors address the challenges arising from climate change.

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Trojan Female Technique

The Trojan Female Technique (TFT) is a new technology platform being developed for the control of exotic animal and invertebrate pests by causing reductions in pest reproduction.

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Taramea project

Context Taramea (Aciphylla spp.)” is listed as a taonga (treasured/sacred) and it is the intention of the Taramea Fragrance project to help reinvigorate this cultural practice and create contemporary commercial opportunities with taramea while retaining cultural authenticity for Ngāi Tahu whānau, hapū and iwi members.  Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu were successful in obtaining funding […]

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ARGOS 1 and 2 Agricultural Research Group On Sustainability

These projects were funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (formerly MSI (Ministry of Science & Innovation) and formerly FRST (Foundation for Research, Science and Technology)) and other Industry stakeholders. ARGOS has a mandate to examine the environmental, social and economic sustainability of New Zealand farming systems.

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