The Consultancy arm of the business concentrates on working with Local and Central Government, Industry Organisations and Publicly and Privately held Companies to help build business capability in the primary sector in New Zealand. In doing this we are focused on fulfilling the development needs of people, organisations and businesses involved in all of the primary industries. We empower our clients to position themselves for the future using practical and creative solutions and processes.

The AgriBusiness Group also works with individual farmers and farmer groups to achieve good environmental outcomes by farmers managing environmental risks while meeting farm goals.

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The projects we are involved in generally fall into the following categories:

  • STRATEGIC ANALYSIS – Identifying business improvement opportunities
  • POLICY ADVICE – Pragmatic advice for policy that works
  • AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Developing and implementing new directions
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Providing client confidence, getting the whole job done
  • FACILITATION – Drawing out knowledge to develop solutions, staying in charge of change
  • ENHANCING SUSTAINABILITY – Sustainable futures for people and planet

Key Contacts:

Carbon Farming Seminars in Canterbury

Carbon Farming – just a green initiative to plant trees on your property, right? How about, “Carbon Farming”, farming to maximise production across all your land classes, increase revenue streams and on-farm profitability, establish conservation, biodiversity, environmental and recreational on farm values, all with the co-benefit of reducing your industry, country and global green-house gas […]

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MGI Irrigation Scheme Farm Environment Plans and Auditing

The Morven Glenavy Ikawai Irrigation Scheme (MGI) supplies water for irrigation to 24,000 ha of land on the north bank of the Waitaki River. Environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of MGI’s business. The AgriBusiness Group is the co-developer of the “Environmental Farm Plan for Irrigated Land Use” template and co-facilitator of its subsequent implementation by all scheme farmers, to help deliver good on farm irrigation practice and efficiency and achieve high standards of environmental management.

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Australia dairy farming fertiliser response trial

Ravensdown Fertiliser Co-operative Ltd NZ developed a liquid application product for grass pastures to minimise soil nitrogen loss, with corresponding dry matter responses. The client wanted to see if the same pasture production performance responses occurred on irrigated dairy farms in Victoria, Australia, as had been achieved on NZ dairy pastures systems.

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Potential for Diversification of Rural Production in Canterbury

Context Project carried out for the Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC): this project incorporated elements of strategic analysis and agribusiness development. Description of Project This project investigated the feasibility of options for diversification of rural land use in the Canterbury Region. It was designed to answer the flowing questions: Is it likely that there is a […]

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Resource Efficient Accredited Dairy (READY)

Scoping of business and delivery models carried out for DairyNZ and Fonterra. Context The goal for this project was to provide the information so that an informed decision could be made on the selection of the most appropriate strategy for the dairy industry to be able to respond the drivers for industry-wide environmental outcomes. Description of the […]

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